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H&E and Specialized stains Immunofluorescence| Antibody validation| Pathology analysis

Specialized Histology​

  • Tissue Processing and Embedding​
  • Histological Stains ​
  • Immunostaining​
  • Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)

Biorepository and biospecimen for breast tissue| ovarian tissue

Biorepository & Cancer Models

  • Data-Rich Biobanks
  • Tissue Procurement
  • Breast and Ovarian Biorepository 
  • IRB Services
  • Primary Cell Cultures
MA lab equipment to support medical research

Lab Facility & Resources

  • Scalable Lab Bench Space
  • Business Work Space​
  • Access to Local In Vivo Facilities​
  • Equipment and Support Services​
  • Specialty and Private Labs

our approach

Unique Resources

Our unique, data-rich clinical biorepository is customized to advance oncology research and precision medicine targeting breast and ovarian cancers.

Personalize Your Targets & Advance Treatments
  • Custom Histology
  • Pathology Support
  • Tissue Procurement
  • Biomarker identification and testing


Our team of recognized experts offers customized histology and analysis services with a customer-centric approach to solve your complex/research problems.

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