Breast Research Registry

HistoSpring has successfully procured high-quality breast tissue with well-annotated clinical information to advance cancer research and speed development of precision medicines.
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Breast Registry

With the participation of Rays of Hope Center for Breast Cancer Research, we have 1,400 patients consented to the registry, and a repository of FFPE and frozen tissues from more than 500 donors.  
What We Have To Offer
Academic, industry, clinical and environmental researchers have access to a diverse range of normal breast tissue biospecimens and primary epithelial cells from cancer patients to meet your research needs. We have developed the infrastructure for laser capture microdissection to support detailed analyses of archived tissues.
  • Frozen and paraffin embedded tissue from more than 500 patients with IRB approvals
  • Benign epithelial primary cultures from over 250 individuals
  • Tumor pieces as FFPE, flash frozen and in some cases frozen in DMSO from 85 individuals
  • Exclusive data that includes genome-wide expression data on >100  of these tissues
  • Detailed clinical records for follow-up data with IRB approval/consent to recontact
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Patient Characteristics
Panels of tissues and cells that reflect the diversity of the population (e.g. weight, age, number of pregnancies, BMI, mammographic density)
Health Status
Panels of tissues and cells from patients with a spectrum of health characteristics (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, histopathology)
Our Biorepository Policy
  • Tissue specimens are handled in accordance with ethical regulations
  • Materials made available with appropriate approvals and transfer agreements
  • HistoSpring makes available tissues and cells for research. A nominal fee is requested to cover the costs of miscellaneous supplies, procurement personnel time and storage fees. Contact us directly for pricing at /413-794-0523.
Advance breast cancer research and precision medicines