Ovarian Biorepository

HistoSpring has procured high-quality ovarian tissue with well-annotated clinical information to help advance preclinical research, validate biomarkers, or discover new targeted therapies.

Ovarian Registry

With the participation of Pioneer Valley Life Science Institute (PVLSI), we have over 80 consented participants to the registry and fixed/frozen tissues from more than 60 donors.

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What we have to offer

Academic, industry, and clinical researchers have access to ovarian tissue biospecimens to meet your specific research needs.
  • Tumor pieces paraffin embedded or flash frozen from 60 individuals
  • Tumor pieces or cells of ovarian tumors from >35 individuals frozen in DMSO
  • Health characteristics
  • Detailed clinical records for follow-up data with IRB approval/consent
We can help with IRB channels to perform prospective studies which require isolation and culture of additional cells or tissues.
  • Ovarian tissue collection
  • Ovarian cell lines
  • Additional clinical services