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Rays of Hope was established in 1994 as a local effort to support those diagnosed with breast cancer and to encourage new research and communicate findings. The organization has a rich community-based presence supporting patients and survivors in the Western Massachusetts community.  Their comprehensive role furthers research and grants, and supports breast health programs, outreach, and educational initiatives.

Grassroot efforts have taken hold across the United States, with nonprofit organizations and charities like Rays of Hope dedicating their time and money to raise awareness around the need to approach breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in new ways.
With the participation of Rays of Hope Center for Breast Cancer Research, HistoSpring has procured a high-quality breast tissue biorepository to enable cancer research and the development of diagnostic tools and precision medicines. This has allowed the development of a similar ovarian tissue biorepository maintained by HistoSpring and the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute.

The biorepository of high-quality breast tissue and along with clinical information is aiding researchers in efforts to develop new diagnostics and target optimal treatments as well as fostering quality of life improvements for patients.

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